Welcome to The District Brief! This is an honest attempt to bring you the latest U.S. Political News around the country and news around the world. When I thought of this website, my goal was simple, at least in theory, to help explain what is going on in the latest political scene.

In the current landscape that we have now in the U.S. and let’s be real, in certain parts of the world, things have become so polarized and downright crazy, that it’s difficult to discern facts from fiction and truth from lies.

This site will be my humble attempt to help change at least a small part of that. A lofty goal? Perhaps but after some of the insane events over the last few years, not getting involved, is just as dangerous and perhaps unpatriotic.

So, with that, welcome to my site, let’s jump on in and get real about what’s happening in The District and other parts of the world of politics!

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