The District Brief begins!

Hi, thanks for stopping by The District Brief! This is my first post for this new blog of mine but certainly not the first time that I’ve written a “first post” before.

This is going to be the first of many posts and articles for this blog, I have high hopes and lofty goals for this website.

I hope you’ll come along for the adventure, well, as adventurous as reading a blog can be.

But given the topic of this blog, things could get pretty spicy! So, let’s get into it, who am I and what’s this site about?

Who’s behind The District Brief?

My name’s Adrian and I’m the guy behind the keyboard here. I thought up the idea for this blog and “brought it to life” so to speak.

I’ve had an interest in politics since I was young, very young actually.

However, I’d say that my interest really grew into a passion in high school. When I got to high school, I joined the debate team and was involved in persuasive speaking competitions and the like.

As you can imagine, this involved a lot of local, state, and world politics of the time and I ate it up!

I loved looking at policy and the decisions being made at the federal level, and then having to craft arguments for or against these subjects.

While this didn’t help me at High School parties, would you believe high school kids didn’t want to talk about fiscal policy or the lastest measures on the ballot? Gasp!

It did help to solidify a life-long love of current events and politics. However, despite that, I never opted to pursue a career in the field.

Stiil, I always did my best to keep a finger on the pulse in the world of politics.

I joined the U.S. Marine Corps in my early 20’s and later the U.S. Army afterward, so for several years, I was definetely affected by policies made on the hill and on pennsylvania avenue.

I put up the boots in my early 30’s and went into the civilian world and to say that that transition wasn’t easy, is an understatement but it’s been a learning experience and one that’s reshaped and continues to reshape my political views.

All of that still didn’t make me want to voice my opinion or discuss these sorts of issues online or anywhere else for that matter.

That all changed after the false election claims and events of January 6th and of course the trail of misinformation and disinformation that seems to hit us on a daily basis.

That lit a spark and that eventually led me here.

What is the District Brief?

The District Brief is a political blog that aims to shed as much truth and light on the top political stories of the day and the ones that deserve more attention than they’re currently getting.

My goal is simple, break down the facts in a simple, digestable way. I’m not a journalist and I’m certainly not writing for other journalists to write to me and give me a pat on the back for my writing style.

I want you, the reader, to come away with at least a basic understanding of the issue(s) and as I improve, a complete understanding of the issue as a whole.

Are you Biased?

Simply put, yes of course, I’m human and I do in fact have my biases. I lean left and would consider myself a Democrat.

However, I’m not on the Far Left and I believe in hearing opposing views, staying in an echo chamber is both ridiculous and very dangerous.

Still, I I have my views, and I will likely present stories and articles here from a left-leaning perspective.

However, I have no problem giving credit where credit is due and I realize that not everything is as easy as black and white or always left vs. right.

There’s tons of gray and nuance in the world, espcially in the world of politics and sometimes the facts are just the facts, regardless of how much you want to spin them one way or the other.

Sure, others will still attempt the spin but here at The District Brief, the buck always stops at the truth and that’s my promise to you.

Will there be an opinions section?

Great question! I don’t know yet actually. Again, this isn’t a “news site” per se, nor am I a journalist like I said a little bit ago.

This is a blog and everything in here is me, my work, “my opinion”.

However, if I find myself in a particular mood one day, then yes, I will mark that post as opinion.

If I find that that keeps happening, then yes, it would be responsible of me to create an opinions section.

Stand by on that!

What will be covered here?

I’ll be covering anything and everything poltical, and as the name implies, I’m going to be covering politics at the federal level out of the D.C. area.

The Disctrict of Columbia or D.C. for short is frequently called “The District” and that led to the name of the site.

But I’m going to do my best to discuss other politcs around the country as well, especially if it’s an issue that deserves coverage.

I’ll cover politics at the state and local levels and even international politics!

So, there’s going to be plenty for you to sink your teeth into.

How can I help or get involved with the site?

While this blog is going to be solely written by me, no man’s an island. I’d love to hear from you! Please, leave a comment in the comments section.

I encourage healthy discussions and discourse but please, keep it classy y’all!

Or do you have a tip or an idea for a story? Maybe you’re a writer or blogger yourself and you want to contribute to the site?

Head on over to the contact page and send me a message. I’ll reply to all messages within 24 to 48 hours.

With your help, we can help get facts and truth out to the masses!

Rounding this out

Thanks for reading all the way to the end and I hope you have a better understanding of who I am (if not, head on over to my about section) and what I want The Disctrict Brief to be and become.

News and Politics are fast paced, I may have to pivot from time to time but know that no matter how that goes and this blog grows, I’m committed to a few things:

Breaking down the facts in an easy way and keeping the truth at the front. Always.

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you soon in the next post!

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